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Parents / carers should have received information about returning to school via a text message link to the school website.  You will note that we have staggered start and finish times to the school day for different year groups.  Please arrive promptly and let your child enter school quickly.  No parents will be allowed into the school building.  Appointments must be made via telephone if you wish to speak to a member of staff.  This is a very tricky time for everyone and we are doing our very best to ensure school returns for the new academic year in a safe, sensible way.


We do realise that the staggered times means some parents/ carers have a wait of up to twenty minutes between their children entering if they have two or more in different year groups but, as I am sure you will appreciate, we cannot do it any other way and we have attempted to make the time differences as short as possible, whilst also allowing social distancing to occur.


We hope that before too long life may return to 'normal' and we can adjust timings to previous ones.  Thank you in advance for your support.


A copy of the school risk assessment can be found <HERE> or in our 'Letters' section.



Dear Parents/Carers,


We look forward to welcoming all of our children back to Badsley Primary. I know school will seem slightly different with our new changes but many things will remain the same.


We will be working hard to ensure we all stay safe. Children will remain in their year groups bubbles throughout the day (wherever possible with their own class).  More information can be found on our 'Letters' section.


At Badsley, we value all of our children as individuals.  Developing the whole child is important to us and that aim is reflected in all we do.  We have lots to be proud of that we want to share with you.


We want everyone to be a ‘Badsley Learner’.  Our key learning skills help our children to be resilient, to communicate, to think, question, explore and work together.  We want them to be independent, respect one another and to feel safe and happy in school.


We have high expectations of everyone in our school community and we believe that everyone has the ability to achieve great things.  We know how important it is that we work in partnership with parents and families, to help our children enjoy their time at Badsley Primary School, be happy, feel secure and achieve the very best they can.  We aim for high academic standards as well as valuing and celebrating creativity and imagination through a broad and balanced curriculum.


We want children to leave Badsley Primary as happy, well-rounded individuals who feel confident about the future and look forward to the opportunities and challenges it will bring.


Our vision is embraced in our school motto:


Growing Together; Aiming High

Mr. Mark Windle


Where are we?

Welcome from the School Council


Welcome to Badsley Primary School.  We believe we are a fantastic school with lots of great learning opportunities.  We are proud of our school; we have many great facilities such as iPads, computers, a wide range of reading resources and much more.  We have a Sparkle Room (sensory room) and a Golden Room (it can be used as a chill out zone for lunchtimes).  Recently, we have opened our brand new Dining Hall and this has recevied some great comments so far!  At Badsley Primary School we aspire to be a Badsley LEARNER - moving through different levels of acheivement through school.   Our school has nearly 600 pupils attending and everyone is welcome anytime.  We would be very interested to talk to anyone who would like to visit.  

Thank you and welcome.

Badsley Primary School Council


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Following our Ofsted inspection in September 2019, we are pleased to announce that Badsley Primary is judged to be GOOD in all areas.  A copy of the report can be found by clicking HERE.