Our school offers full time places for children from Foundation Stage 2 to Year 6. We have 90 places in each year group.


Admission to Foundation Stage 2 (Reception)


Children enter Foundation Stage 2 (FS2) at the beginning of the school year in which they are 5. All children start FS2 at the start of the school year in September and they attend full time from day 1. All parents, as part of Rotherham Local Authority’s admissions policy have to apply to the Local Authority (LA) for admission to the school of their choice. Parents have to fill in an application form for a place for their child. Places are then allocated by the LA.


The admission limit for Badsley Primary is 90, so sometimes places are refused because the school is full. There is an Appeals process to follow if your child does not receive the place that you have applied for.


Joining the school after September of FS2


Sometimes children need to change school at different times because of moving house or other reasons. School places are managed and allocated by the Local Authority, so parents wishing to gain a place at Badsley for their child will need to get in touch with the LA Admissions Team at Riverside House, Rotherham.


Admission to Year 7


At the end of Y6, pupils will transfer to a local secondary school/academy. Parents have to apply for their child to attend a school of their choice.


Parents receive a letter from the LA through the post to their home address in the autumn term of Y6 asking them to name 3 choices of secondary provision.


The LA sends out information about school places that have been allocated in March of Y6. There is an Appeals process that can be followed if parents are unhappy with the place that their child has been allocated.


The phone number for the Admissions Team is 01709 823777