At Badsley Primary we believe that our children should have the opportunity to experience the curriculum through real experiences and make valuable long lasting memories throughout their time in school in our care. The skills and attitudes which are developed in this way promote a joy in learning that we hope will continue through for life. We provide a broad, balanced curriculum for all our pupils, at all stages of their development. We do this by teaching the full range of subject areas through the Development Matters in Foundation, and choosing the appropriate teaching methods to take account of the wide variety of learning styles of our children.


At Badsley Primary we provide an engaging and exciting curriculum, using the Cornerstones curriculum – a creative approach to the curriculum. English and mathematics are taught daily with 2 hours minimum of quality PE per week. We follow the 2014 new curriculum throughout EYFS, KS1 and KS2.


Aims of our Curriculum

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) states that: all children are entitled to a curriculum that provides rich opportunities for them to learn and achieve. We provide a curriculum that gives opportunities for children to build upon their strengths, interests and experiences and develop their confidence in their own ability to learn independently and work collaboratively.


All of our curriculum polices can be found in the 'policies' section of our website.














Reading and Phonics


Throughout Foundation Stage, KS1 and KS2 we teach reading through the Success for All programme (SfA). This incorporates shared, partner and individual reading at every stage. The texts include precisely levelled SfA texts as well as a range of picture books, novels and information texts.


Outside of SfA teaching blocks, our primary reading scheme for FS and early KS1 is Pearson Phonics Bugs. We use these reading books to support the teaching and learning of phonics, which is the primary approach to teaching early reading.


In addition to this phonics based scheme, we also use a range of other books which support the teaching of further reading and comprehension skills. These include:

  • Project X

  • Rigby Rockets / Rigby Star

  • Collins Big Cats

  • Usborne Readers

  • Oxford Reading Tree Snapdragons


We also teach from a wide range of levelled picture books, information books and chapter books by independent authors.


In KS2, we continue to teach reading using books from the list above but as children become more competent fluent readers, we also use a wider range of novels and extended texts to challenge and interest them at an age appropriate level.




Whole School Curriculum Overview 2018-19

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