At Badsley Primary School children in Early Years Foundation Stage (2) learn through Kinder Corner.  Our curriculum, Kinder Corner, fosters the development of children’s language, cognitive, mathematical, emotional, interpersonal, creative literacy and physical skills. The rich thematic units your child is learning though teach them basic science and social studies concepts. Our curriculum allows children to learn by constructing their own knowledge. By interacting with real, familiar objects and with the people around them, children build on and change their existing understandings.


CLICK HERE to find out about the themes your child will be covering over their time in FS2 at Badsley Primary.


As Kinder Corner teachers we:

  • Create a safe, secure environment in which each child can develop trust.

  • Provide structure and routine in the daily schedule.

  • Offer children many opportunities to choose among a variety of developmentally appropriate activities.

  • Ensure that many of those activities are problem-based, open-ended activities

  • Balance child-initiated and teacher-directed activities.


In Kinder Corner your child will learn to:

  • share

  • take turns

  • co-operate

  • negotiate

  • help one another

  • celebrate differences

  • disagree politely

  • express their feelings

  • show appreciation

  • encourage others

  • use others’ names

  • ask for help

  • resolve conflicts


What Does a Kinder Corner day look like?   CLICK HERE to find out more


How do we engage you as parents in your child’s development?


We recognise that you are your child’s first educator and are committed to our role in supporting you to help your child develop over their time in reception. Below are some of the key ways we commit to keeping you up to date and helping you engage in your child learning journey.



You will receive half termly news letters to keep you up to date with what is happening in school such as our current themes, PE days, special events or . There will be a half term challenge for you to work on with your child and the back of the newsletter will focus on one of the Early Learning Goals your child is working towards over their time in Reception. We hope you will find it useful to know about the age related expectations for your child and we will provide you with fun and manageable ideas to help your child reach their full potential in all 17 areas of learning and development.


Greetings, readings and writings

Each morning starts with a greetings session where you are invited into school at 8.45am to complete some morning learning with your child. This might be some tricky word spelling, key vocabulary spelling, number learning or phonics activities. These are all designed to give your child a boost for the day ahead.


Learning Journeys

Every child in reception has a learning journey, where their achievements, learning and development are recorded, celebrated and tracked. They are always available in the classrooms for you to share in. You are a key contributor to your child’s learning and we encourage you to use our WOW slips (CLICK HERE) to record learning you see out of school!


Home Link

We will send home link activities throughout the year in every theme. These will link to learning your child has accessing each day. You can expect to receive home link sheets in each theme and they are a key way for you to keep up to date with the new and exciting things your child is learning. Completing them together will allow you to marvel at the new vocabulary and skills your child is developing and help them to get ready for their next steps by consolidating what they know. You can use the link below to open videos of songs and activities to share with your child Just check the plan to see which theme we are working on currently or check with your child’s teacher. CLICK HERE to access the songs and activities to share at home.


What to expect, when? 

This very useful document will help you support your child through their time in the Early Years Foundation stage.  Click the link of ideas to support your child at home.  CLICK HERE to access the document.  





Early Years Foundation Stage