At Badsley Primary School children in Foundation Stage 2 are provided with a curriculum which understands that every child is unique, is constantly developing and can be resilient, capable and self-assured. Our provision recognises that children learn to be strong and independent through positive relationships. We provide enabling environments which respond to children ideas, thoughts and interests while providing support for children to explore and take risks. We know that children develop and learn in different ways and we teach children by ensuring challenging, playful opportunities across the prime and specific areas of learning and development.


The Prime areas of learning are:

  • Personal, social and emotional development

  • Language and communication

  • Physical development


These Prime areas of learning are fundamental throughout the EYFS.


The Specific areas of learning are:

  • Literacy

  • Mathematics

  • Understanding of the World

  • Expressive arts’


The Specific areas of learning include essential skills and knowledge; they grow out of the prime areas, and provide important contexts for learning.


We use the ‘Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage’ guidance to support our children’s learning and development. When planning our curriculum we observe the children in variety of contexts and learn from parents and families their childrens interests and sucesses at home. We then use this to see where each child is in their learning and development pathway. We can then plan how to support children to strengthen and deepen their current learning and development and then plan how to extend and challenge each child’s current learning and development using the development matters statements. This cycle then begins again with new observations feeding new learning opportunities.


These are guiding principles of our FS2 curriculum...


  • It is rich, stimulating, exciting and hands on. Teachers will be innovative providing playful learning opportunities across all seven areas of learning and development.

  • We provide enabling environments for learning and development indoors and outdoors making use of school grounds and the local area/community.

  • Children will spend time initiating their own learning with practitioners joining when invited or when beneficial to learning and development. Children will spend time learning with practitioners in adult planned and led activities.

  • It is child led and flexible. Our curriculum will be led by children’s interests and the changing world around us.

  • Develops children’s basic skills and their understanding of learning skills to get children ready for their next steps and ensure life long learning.

  • Develops children’s independence, aspirations and enterprise skills.

  • Engages, involves and supports parents and families with their children’s learning in school and at home.



Over their time in the Early Years Foundation Stage children’s learning is supported through three characteristics of learning: Playing and exploring, Active learning & Creating and thinking critically. From starting school in FS2 children will be introduced to the learning skills characters for Resilience, Communication, Problem solving, Critical and creative thinking, Team work and Reflection. The children really enjoy meeting the characters and the ‘learning world’ they live in.  Over their year in FS2 they begin to discuss which learning skill character can help them with their learning.

Early Years Foundation Stage