Africa Day

In Year 1 we really enjoyed our day in Africa. The children loved dressing up in their African clothes. In Miss Lee's classroom we made African masks and clay pots, in Miss Whale's classroom we made African patterns and in Mrs Bell's class we practised playing the African drums and made our own African dance.


At the end of the day all our Mum's and Dad's came into school to join in the activities with us.


What a fantastic day!

Badsley Book Week

We had a fantastic, exciting week of learning during our Badsley Book Week.  This took place from Thursday 2nd March and Wednesday 8th March and we all thoroughly enjoyed the experience!  There were many highlights - click the button to find out more.

What's going on at Badsley Primary?

Space Day

The Year 5's have recently invited parents and carers to help them build their very own space ship.


Thank you to everybody who attended. We hope you had as much fun as we did.

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Parent's Workshop

We recently invited parents to come in and get crafty with their kids. I think you'll agree everybody did an amazing job. Although some parents were more camera shy than others!


Badsley have recently taken part in a sponsored skipathon. All year groups were encouraged to come and spend some time skipping. Everybody had a lot of fun with it and got some exercise at the same time!

Badsley Mile

Each child and member of staff recently completed the Badsley Mile as part of our Sports Week.

10 laps of the school field had to be complete. There were plenty of red and sweaty faces! But everybody had fun.