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Look at how confident we are in our PE sessions. We have been really grown up getting changed into our PE kits and working on our climbing, balancing, swinging and jumping skills. Next we are going to be working on following the correct jump routine and linking movements to make a sequence.  

We have been learning about the story of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. Did you know Goldilocks was very nosey! Kaysha and Zainab enjoyed retelling the story using the small world house. Mishka, Tulisa and Olivia shared the story book and then acted it out in our role-play area. Robbie was super friendly and kind, cheering the Three Bears up with a Teddy Bear's Picnic. As part of our carpet learning we leant The Three Bears' song and Goldilocks' Rap, if you ask us nicely we might even perform them at home for you.

In our outdoor learning lab we have been having great fun exploring water. We have been tipping, pouring, filling and emptying. We have discovered lots about capacity and what the words over flowing, full, nearly full,  half full and empty mean.

In F2K we have been looking closely at ourselves and finding out how unique and special we are. Look at our self portraits. We used mirrors to look carefully at our faces.

Whole class 3

Congratulations to everybody on graduating from Foundation!