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FS2 enjoyed an Easter hunt by the Y3 children today. They made a maze together to travel through using positional and directional language. They even collected some "eggs" along the way. Great team work!


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The children in F2RG really wanted a Pokémon reading corner. So we worked as a team and made Pokeballs and Pokedexs using words we have been learning to decode in phonics. We love to apply our phonics learning and getting really confident with phase 4 phonics now.

In F2RG it was 'all aboard the SS Badsley' this week. We have been pirates exploring the 7 seas looking for Treasure. We have been learning instructions about 'How to be a Pirate' and have been busy making treasure maps and setting sail. We made mini treasure islands using play dough. Take a look! Next week we have some stormy seas to navigate so let's hope we don't get ship wrecked! Keep your eyes out for messages in bottles in case we need rescuing!


Poppy and Lola have loved reading the pirate treasure. They carefully sounded words out using their phonics skills! Next time they are going to read the pirate instructions!


Millie and Nellie loved spending time in the pirate den writing pirate stories. In F2 we love using our reading and writing skills in our play. Later we shared their stories with the class and enjoyed finding our what the pirates had been up to.


In Mathematics this week we have been measuring and comparing height and length. McKenzie and Olivia chose to measure how tall Olivia was. Using wooden bricks they concluded Olivia was shorter than the tower McKenzie built and it was too wobbly to even try to measure McKenzie! Olivia knew we needed to use tape measure or meter stick and find out exactly how tall they were. McKenzie said 'I am tall though, the tallest boy in our class!' It's really great to see you choosing to apply your maths learning in your play, well done!