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At Badsley Primary School, we aim to be a highly inclusive school, where children are helped to achieve their full potential, whatever additional needs they might have.


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As SENDCOs of the school, we have always shared a passion for inclusion, celebrating diversity and ensuring all children are given the best opportunities to achieve their potential. We have both studied to achieve National Qualification in SEN Co-ordination and regularly attend professional development opportunities to gain further knowledge and skills relating to particular needs and strategies for support: always striving to develop professional practice to an excellent standard throughout school.


Parents and carers play a crucial role in our work at Badlsey and we truly value the information you provide.  We aim to provide an open-door policy to ensure parents and carers feel valued and listened too. It really is a team effort to do the best for your children!


At Badsley, an inclusive ethos underpins all aspects of school life as we aim to ensure all children are able to flourish and thrive. We have high aspirations for all children attending our school and are passionate in endeavouring to meet the wide range of needs children within our setting may be faced with. It is vital to all members of the Badlsey community that each child is seen as an individual with personal strengths, talents and interests that should be embraced and utilised to ensure all children can recognise their potential and have confidence in their individual strengths. All children with additional needs are carefully monitored, targeted and have learning tailored to meet their particular needs and adjustments are meticulously made to ensure all children can make aspirational rates of progress.


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