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Every lunchtime (12.00 to 12.55) in KS1 hall.


Open to everyone, until the Club is full!


Lego Club is a very popular activity, with girls and boys from all year groups attending. Children can choose to attend instead of playing outside. There are a number of children who come every day and others just pop in occasionally. Several of the older children from KS2 act as Lego Club Helpers, proving good role models for the others and helping ensure children stick to the rules of Lego Club.


Children use their imagination to build complex models and we focus in particular on developing co-operation and sharing skills through play situations.


Some children choose to eat their sandwiches in Lego Club as an alternative to using the school canteen. This is particularly useful for children who find the noise and the bustle of the canteen rather overwhelming.  


We could always do with more Lego, so if anyone has friends or relatives who have outgrown their stock, we welcome any donations.














  • Ask your dinner supervisor before you             come to LEGO Club.  

  • Share LEGO and help each other.

  • Stay on the mat or sit at a table.

  • You must not run around the hall

  • LEGO must not go missing from LEGO Club 

  • Remember if LEGO club is full you will be asked to come back another day

LEGO Club Rules

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Lego club