We aim to provide the best possible education for the children of Badsley Primary School in a safe and secure atmosphere and environment where the children feel happy, confident and valued as a member of our school family. We ensure each pupil achieves the highest standards possible through the richness and variety of learning we provide. We celebrate the diversity of our community and recognise the important role that parents play as partners in their child’s learning.

About Badsley

Pupils contribute to and direct their own learning and all members of our school community, including parents and families play an active role in this both formally and informally. Our children develop socially and emotionally and take pride in their learning and the school community they are a part of. Learning and teaching is of a high quality, providing a hands-on approach to education through the exciting and inclusive curriculum which develops, supports and challenges the needs of each individual pupil. The curriculum is designed to ensure that the key learning skills our children acquire provide a firm foundation for lifelong learning.



If you require any further information or require a paper copy of any of the information on our website, this can be requested from the main office.  All copies will be provided free of charge.  Thank you.


Welcome ...

On behalf of the children, staff and Governing Board, I would like to welcome you to Badsley Primary School.


At Badsley, we value all of our children as individuals.  Developing the whole child is important to us and that aim is reflected in all we do.  We have lots to be proud of that we want to share with you.


We want everyone to be a ‘Badsley Learner’.  Our key learning skills help our children to be resilient, to communicate, to think, question, explore and work together.  We want them to be independent, respect one another and to feel safe and happy in school.


We have high expectations of everyone in our school community and we believe that everyone has the ability to achieve great things.  We know how important it is that we work in partnership with parents and families, to help our children enjoy their time at Badsley Primary School, be happy, feel secure and achieve the very best they can.  We aim for high academic standards as well as valuing and celebrating creativity and imagination through a broad and balanced curriculum.


We want children to leave Badsley Primary as happy, well-rounded individuals who feel confident about the future and look forward to the opportunities and challenges it will bring.


Our vision is embraced in our school motto:


Growing Together; Aiming High


Mr. Mark Windle