Welcome to the Reading Archive

We are working on developing our reading skills.


We play games to help us with this. Our favourite games so far are "Who's shoe is this? We have to look at clues from the show to think about what sort of person the shoe belongs to.


We are also using spy holes to spot different things in pictures and texts.

"I think this person has been to the park because of the grass stains on the bottom of the shoe. This shoe is a larger shoe size than mine so I think he is older than me...maybe he is 8 or 9 years old. It has lots of knots in the shoe lace. This person could have been running and got their laces tangled," Kallum Year 3.


"This shoe has scratches on it. I think it might belong to a lady who has been to a party because the shoe has a high heel," Grace Y3


"This is a baby's shoe. I think it is a baby who has started to walk as it has mud on the bottom of the shoe. It is a bit bent because the baby might have done a lot of jumping about!" Nina Y3.

IMG_5661 IMG_5660

We are developing our reading areas to challenge our reading skills.


What might your reading area be like next?