Success for All (SfA)



At Badsley Primary, we teach the majority of the English curriculum through Success for All (SfA). Success for All is an approach to teaching English that is one of only 19 programmes across the world which is ‘proven to work’ (HMI January 2011)


At the heart of SfA are the Co-operative Learning standards. Pupils work in their teams to earn points for:
















Here’s what the pupils think...









The team with the most points by the end of the week is celebrated as the Team of the Week!


In SfA, we get to read books by our favourite authors, poems and non-fiction texts. SfA fosters a love of reading and the children can’t wait to read the next instalment!











In FS, the whole day is structured through SfA. Children take part in Story Tree, Rhyme Time, Write Away, Maths Mysteries, Learning Labs and much, much more!

Each two-weekly theme is based around a topic such as the weather, families and celebrations. There are lots of home links too!




Roots teaches children the basic, vital elements of reading and writing. In Roots, children learn a systematic approach to learning phonics and how to use this knowledge to decode words. They learn how to answer questions about the book in full sentences and learn that sentences should make sense and have the right punctuation.




Once children are able to decode and read with increasing fluency, Wings develops their reading comprehension. They learn to identify different question types, find evidence in the text, clarify the meaning of words and write in many different forms.












Year 6 Revision


The Y6 revision programme is a series of pacey units that revise all the key learning from Key Stage 2 that pupils need to consolidate to reach the expected standard in reading and writing, The programme uses extracts from well-known stories, poems and non-fiction texts and the teachers also use film and drama to bring the learning to life.





In Quest, Y6 pupils aiming to achieve Greater Depth in reading explore complete texts such as Skellig, A Christmas Carol and Holes. They study each text for a few weeks and also use it as a starting point for their writing.

co-operative learning book1 book2 book3 book4

I’m in the Amazing Badsley Learners team and we’ve got a lot of points for Active Listening. I feel excited when I get points because I’ve been trying hard.

Hasatou Y2

My favourite cheer is ‘Get the cheese, get the grater, great, great, great!’ because it’s funny and we use it when we’ve done something good and great!

Alfie Y2

It’s good to be in a team because there are people to help you if you’re struggling and can check each other’s work to see if it’s right.

Noor Y5

We’ve got higher expectations of the things we use in writing and ideas we get from the book.

Lewis Y5

I like reading 101 Ways to Save the planet Before Bedtime because it shows you different ideas about saving the planet like not throwing your rubbish in a river.

Cory Y4

I like SfA because you have new books to read that you haven’t seen before.

Lola Y2