Our Vision, Values and Aims



To achieve our vision we expect all pupils, parents, staff, governors and the community to:


•provide the best possible education for the children of Badsley Primary in a safe and secure environment where pupils love to learn;


•ensure all pupils feel happy, confident and valued as a member of our school family;


•to foster respect for self and others, enabling pupils to become good citizens in their own community and in a national and global context;


•celebrate the diversity of our community and recognise the important role that parents play as partners in their child’s learning;


•enable all  pupils to develop socially and emotionally and take pride in their learning and their school community;

•work together to support children so that they can contribute to and direct their own learning;


•ensure each pupil achieves the highest standards possible through the richness and variety of learning we provide so that they are appropriately challenged, make at least good progress and achieve their full potential;


•to provide a curriculum designed to ensure that the key learning skills our children acquire provide a firm foundation for lifelong learning.





Growing Together; Aiming High