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Y1L took some time out in order to bake some biscuits in the shape of bears!


They look delicious.

In year 1 we have been learning about the famous author Mini Grey. This week 1L have been focusing on her story 'Toys in Space' . We have really enjoyed all our learning about space!  In history we loved learning about Neil Armstrong and were really proud of the factfiles we wrote about him. Jayden loved dressing up as Neil Armstong and acting out different significant events in his life.

In Science we have been learning about the different parts of plants and what they need to grow. We have really enjoyed planting our own sunflower seeds. I wonder who's will grow the biggest?

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We did a Superhero hunt. We had a message that they had landed in our playground!

We got our X-ray vision ready for our hunt. We all got into teams. Each team had a team leader. We went hunting in our teams to see how many we could find. Lily’s team were the winners. They found 12 superheroes altogether.

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1GW visited Valley Woods as part of our Enchanted Woodland topic. We looked for clues of things that might live in the woods and we made our own enchanted woodland potions and spells. We collected woodland treasure on our treasure cards and talked about exciting things that we found! It was very exciting and  great fun

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