Untitled-2 Y3 - Autumn Term 1 Newsletter

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Welcome to the Y3 Learning Zone!

Bun making for Mr & Mrs Twit!

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We are taking part in the Rotherham Picture This project. Here we are creating our art work based on the Tinga Tinga Tales of Tanzania.

Here are Y3 experimenting with different types of materials to find out how shadows are cast.

In science we are working on sorting and comparing different types of rocks.

"Slate is my favourite rock because it is so smooth," Hijran.

Aissatou brought in her favourite rock from home to show the rest of the class.

We looked at different fossils. We loved the fossils!

Take a look at our home learning on volcanoes. Some children chose to do art work and some even made amazing models!

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Y3 had some visitors into school from South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service. We learnt about how to keep safe in our homes in the event of fire and the importance of smoke alarms.


We also used the Stop! Drop and roll method  to show what we would do if our clothes accidentally caught fire.


As part of our homework we are creating a fire safety plan with our family so we know what to do in the event of fire in the home.

We designed and created our own birds of prey using 3D modelling materials. We looked at best ways to secure the materials.