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Welcome to the Y3 Learning Zone!

Bun making for Mr & Mrs Twit!

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The Year 3's are learning about Biology in Science and have been planting seeds in the hope they will soon grow.

The Year 3's had a brilliant time in Castleton.

They enjoyed several walks in the glorious sunshine as well as numerous activities.


We enjoyed the class assembly today from 3RB. They showed us all about their learning they had done about Castleton.


They even shared some amazing home learning models! Well done 3RB!

In Y3 we are working on performing our poems to show in our Y3 poetry X factor contest. The winners perform to our guest judge Mrs Remington. Who will be the winners?

IMG_7161 IMG_7162

Y3 loved making their own "fossils " out of clay. This was part of their science project on rocks and soil .