Year 4 2017-18

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4DJ recently made Native American fried bread as part of our Road Trip USA.

It tasted delicious!!!!

One of the final pieces of learning from our Road Trip USA curriculum has been to design and make Totem Poles. We researched the meaning of different animals considering the qualities associated with them and then selected some to represent us on our Totem Poles Next we designed and considered how we would make them. As you can see we had different ideas! We are really pleased with them and are displaying them around school. Which animal would you choose?


What an awesome time was had visiting Clifton's music department!

We kicked off our new curriculum 'Playlist' by listening to a bunch of talented, hardworking and inspiring students from Year 10 . We were so impressed with the range of musical genres and types of performances we experienced. Excited is not a strong enough word for how we felt when leaving Clifton, the buzz coming from the children was fantastic with many saying how they couldn't wait to play an instrument or go to Clifton when they finally get to Year 7. Have a look at some of the things we definitely have something to work towards not only musically but also in our ability to show dedication, ambition and confidence.

Well done Clifton, it really was a pleasure!

This week we have been exploring how different instruments make sound. Some instruments were more challenging than others! It must take different musicians lots of hard work and practise to be as good as those we saw at Clifton school last week! Keep checking our Y4 page on the 1st December we are having a musical instrument making afternoon with our adults. We can't wait to show you what we make!

Parents and Carers came in to help Year 4 make some Musical Instruments. We are not sure who enjoyed it more! #TeamBadsley