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4M have been experimenting creating electrical circuits.

We have been thinking about how to make a circuit, what happens if the circuit isn't complete and if we add more light bulbs.

The Year 4's have been celebrating Diversity Week. They have been focusing and celebrating our differences and what makes us all unique.

During diversity week 4M studied different cultures. We looked at food from these countries and even tried some of them.

We tried; kiwi fruit, bajis, guacamole, Polish smoked sausage and Thai crackers.

We enjoyed trying the foods and many children are going to ask for these new foods at home.

4m have been investigating sounds. We placed the beans on top of the drums and realised they vibrated and jumped when we heard the sound. The harder we struck the drum the bigger the vibrations of the beans. Therefore, the children worked out that sound must be caused by vibrations.

4M have been combining their science,music and D&T learning to design and create their own musical instruments.  

Miss Middleton gave a simple brief 'create a musical instrument which can change pitch'. Then, the children designed their instrument thinking carefully about the materials they would need.

Many children realised that different sized elastic bands created different tones. The bigger or looser the band the lower the pitch. The tighter or smaller the band the higher pitch.

In 4DJ we have been improving our crickets skills. We have developed our bowling and some of us have even worked on over arm techniques, our catching skills have clearly been fine tuned as we are catching more opponents out and you should see the number of sixes our batters can score! Class 4DJ are a sporting team to be challenged!