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Y5 Victorians

Year 5 had so much fun at Winterhill CLC.

They used green screen technology to create a film about landing on the moon and also used Apple Mac Books to create a piece of music to accompany the film.

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We had lots of fun during in our Space afternoon with parents. The children were very creative and made some fantastic aliens, robots, planets and space shuttles. Thank you to everyone who attended and helped collect materials for our models.

The Year 5 recently took a trip to the local library where they undertook a number of different activities. Everybody had a brilliant time.

We enjoyed watching 5VW's assembly on Africa.

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Year 5 went out of this world to visit the National Space Centre as part of our learning about 'Stargazers.'


We sat in the planetarium and zoomed to Saturn and into other galaxies.  We sat at the edge of space then returned to Earth. It made some of us feel a bit sick!! We heard a mythical tale about Perseus and other constellations in the sky.

There was so much to do there. It was an amazing day out!!

Everybody had a brilliant time creating Rocket Ships. Here we are hard at work and showcasing our excellent results.

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