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Line Graphs Frac Dec Perc Equivalence Fraction of a Quantity Fractions of Shapes Percentages Coordinates Time Translating Shapes Fraction Adding Pie Charts 2016 Arithmetic paper 2017 Arithmetic paper Y6 Currlculum - Home Learning SfA Quest SfA Wings 6 Y6 Task Sheet

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Year 6 - Home Learning Overview - EASTER STORY PLAN - RESOURCE Solve problems involving data (line graphs) Solve problems involving data (pictograms and other) w/c 20.4.20 - Home Learning Weekly Overview - Year 6 Interpret and represent data (pie charts) Book review powerpoint Solve problems involving data (bar charts) Interpret and represent data (tables) new Negative numbers Identify represent and estimate rounding Number problems Place value roman numerals Read write order and compare numbers w/c 27.4.20 - Home Learning Weekly Overview - Year 6 Fraction decimal percentage equivalence - reasoning Fractions - reasoning Fraction arithmetic w/c 4.5.20 - Home Learning Weekly Overview - Year 6 Decimal percentage - reasoning w/c 11.5.20 - Home Learning Weekly Overview - Year 6 Conversion reasoning Area and Perimeter Early history of Rotherham Volume and Capacity Length and Weight coordinates difficult w/c 18.5.20 - Home Learning Weekly Overview - Year 6 coordinates simple Timeline of the Titanic coordinates standard Translation Angles 2D and 3D shapes w/c 1.6.20 - Home Learning Weekly Overview - Year 6